FAQ Page

We would like to welcome you to our FAQ Page!

This is where we cover some of the most commonly asked questions for the team of Berkowitz, Nodine and Blend. Check out the list below and find out if we have the answer to every important question.

Q. What do you plan to have at the outdoor gym?

A. This is a question that we get just about every day and we are excited to say that if we raise enough money then we want to install many pieces of workout equipment. We want to put in pull-up bars, weight benches, pushup equipment and so much more.

We also want to put in a new pathway where adults and kids alike can walk and run to get that much-needed cardio. This path will go all the way around the park.

Q. How are you planning to raise the needed money?

A. Great question! Our plan is to go online and look at the numerous crowdfunding sites out there today. Once we find one we like, we are going to set up shop and start asking for donations.

But we will not be doing it alone. We will also have a number of Concord residents, associations and businesses that have agreed to chip in. Plus, the local government agreed not charge any fees for the necessary permits and codes, nor for the risk assessment, and they have also agreed to ensure that someone will be employed to look after the park once it has been completed.

Q. Do you plan to build any more playgrounds?

A. Absolutely! If this fundraising experiment works as well as we think it may then we are going to continue going from town to town until everyone has a park to visit whenever they please. It feels good to give back so that is what we will continue to do.