About the Perfect Park

What Constitutes the Perfect Park?

If you take a trip across the country, you will see that there are good parks and then there are great parks! What separates the two and how can you tell if you are at a great park? Jan Berkowitz has an idea for what will put his park over the top.

Consider these three musts of any great park.

1. A great park gives you a reason to be outside

These days everyone has their faces in a screen. Televisions, computers, cell phones, they all keep us so occupied that many of us may not go outside for weeks at a time!

A great park gives people a reason to turn off the television and take a walk to a place where you can have fun, get some fresh air and relax.

2. A great park attracts the kids

Children have a lot of options for what they do for their outdoor fun. They can go down the street to their friend’s house, they can find a local carnival or circus, they can even go to the local skate park.

But while those activities might be fun, there is nothing quite as wholesome as going to your local park. A great park attracts the kids by offering lots of fun activities like slides, swings and monkey bars, to name a few.

3 A great park attracts adults looking to exercise

To have a great park, you should not only build it with children in mind but also for adults as well. That is what is going to be so wonderful about the Berkowitz park.

It is going to have an adult exercise area so that grown-ups can go to work on their pecs, triceps, legs, abs and whatever else they want to work on. Indoor gyms are nice and all but there is nothing quite like exercising in the great outdoors.