Every Town Should Have a Park

That is the stance of Jan Berkowitz his group of well-meaning friends. They agree that in every town, city, and village in the world, there should be a part where kids can go and play and adults can workout and blow off some steam.

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough parks in the world so Jan Berkowitz, Wade Nodine, and Harold Blend decided to make a difference. They started a fundraiser with the end goal of raising enough money so that they could have a park with a  new pathway, a ball game court, a trim-trail, and outdoor gym equipment in their beautiful town of Concord, New Hampshire.

Jan Berkowitz started a fundraiser

Even being the ambitious individuals that they are, they knew that they would be needing help so they reached out to the people of their community.

They had many reasons to want to revive the park. The first was to attract people of all ages to the park. The second was to encourage people to spend more time outside. 

They also wanted to be sure that all future generations would be able to have a place where they could go when they want to forget about the troubles of the world and just have a good time.

A Community Comes Together

Before they knew it, they had a number of Concord residents, associations and businesses have agreed to chip in. 

To better sweeten the deal the local government agreed not charge any fees for the necessary permits and codes, nor for the risk assessment, and they have also agreed to ensure that someone will be employed to look after the park once it has been completed.

With this much support, they felt that there was no reason that they could fail and the rest is history.